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About  Me

I am a part-time photographer and full-time mom, living in Calgary, Alberta.
I grew up in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, and am definitely a prairie girl at heart. I love big skies, though mountains are pretty cool too. 
While I have a background in science (Civil Engineering) and business (MBA), I have a passion for photography!
There is just something about that moment when I click the shutter and know I've captured something special (or something ordinary in a special way) that makes my soul sing.  
For more details about my photographic journey, check out the Kristin Ator Photography blog.
Other things that make my heart happy include time with family (my 3 kids keep me constantly entertained!), catching up with best friends, getting lost in a good book, sweating my butt off at boot camp or hot yoga, playing with mud on the pottery wheel, and plotting my next travel adventure. 
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About Me
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